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Business Strategy

 Sourcing - The importance of a strong supplier base for success in any industry is critical. Over the years, we have devoted great effort to building alliances with some of the most reliable manufacturers of Refractory, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Raw Materials, Spares and Consumable both in India as well as in Europe. Direct relationship with our business partners like M/S TRL Krosaki, M/S Caldreys India, M/s Stormberge, M/S Porextherm etc. It allows us to reduce costs as well as gives great control on the quality of the Products We offer

 Correct Specification and Quality – Our Years long experience, expertise and in depth knowledge and understanding of all the specifications of the Materials used in Steel Industry has made us provide always the right materials to our clients.

 Pricing - Our unmatchable assortment of materials at highly economical prices to the huge manufacturing fraternity. Furthermore, our consistency in delivering world class products coupled with our transparent trade practices has helped us to carve a special niche for ourselves in today's cut-throat business scenario

 In Time deliver – We understand it well the importance of in time delivery of the materials in manufacturing industries Like Steel Industry. Our Strategic Partnership with world’s leading logistic company and great knowledge of the international trade and traffic procedure is making us delivering always the materials in time and that is helping them in reducing their inventory and in return great trust on us.


Our Business Partners. We have association with many of the World’s Leading manufacturers of Steel Industry Supporting Materials
Refractory Manufacturer –M/S TRL Krosaki, India
Refractory Anchors and Accessories manufacturer _ M/S StormberWE, WErmany,
Ceramic Blanket _ M/S GLI, Germany
Micrporous Bards _ M/S Porextherm, German,
Lancing Pipes _ M/S Hindustan Tubes, Inida,
Logistical Partner _ M/S Crane. World Wide logistics.
Overseas Strategic Parther _ M/S Qatar Oilfield Supply centre.
And Many Other market Leader in each segments.


Our Valued Customers.
 India – All the leading Steel Plant in India, Like M/S TATA Steel, M/S MUKUND Steel, M/S Bhusan Steel, M/S USHA Martin etc are our customers.
 Middle East – Followings are our valued customer in Middle east. M/S QATAR Steel Company, M/S Qatar Aluminium company, Qatar, M/S Unit Steel, Kuwait, M/S Sohar Steel, Oman. m/S United Steel Company [SULB], Bahrain, M/S SGS. Dubai., M/S Emirate Steel, UAE.
 Europe – M/S RHI, Austria, M/S UK Carbon and Graphite Company, UK